AKI rolls out virtual motor insurance certificates

AKI has developed a virtual motor insurance certificate and has commenced roll out to the industry.

Insurance companies have a dedicated platform, AKI Vehicle Insurance Certificate (VIC) Issuance, from where they are able to conveniently order, generate and distribute the virtual certificate to their customers.

The physical certificates will be progressively phased out before fully transitioning to the virtual certificates.   

All other process such as valuation and claims processing will not be affected.

Once a customer receives the virtual motor insurance certificate, they will be required to print it in colour and display the certificate on the windscreen as required by law. This is similar to the driver’s license procedure.

Customers will be able to query and verify the status of their insurance by dialing *352# or via the AKI Vehicle Insurance Certificate (AKI VIC) app available for both Android and IOS devices. The verification will provide information on the insuring company; the vehicle details; start and end date of the insurance; and the status, whether genuine or fake.

The virtual motor insurance certificate appearance and details are similar to the physical certificates. The only difference is the mode of transmission to the consumer which will be via digital channels such as e-mail.

Why the change?

This shift to virtual certificates will help curb motor insurance fraud by ensuring that only one motor insurance certificate is issued per vehicle. Cases of double insurance, fake certificates and stolen insurance certificates will be eliminated. The virtual certificates will hasten the issuance process and 

The virtual certificates will save insurance companies the time and cost of physically delivering the certificates to their customers. 

Customers on the other hand will be able to conveniently get their motor insurance certificates from wherever they are and at any time.


September 19th, 2020


AKI Admin